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Thursday, December 22, 2005

This is Su!

My friend Su is going back to Taiwan today for two weeks. I met her at CMCNY. She was actually the leader of my first hike. I have known her for a year and we have done quite a few hikes together.

Every time I see her, she says "I am so fed up after a week of work, I need to get rid of it by hiking (每一個禮拜下來就積了一肚子的氣,需要去 hiking 把氣消一消)." Haha.....

She is a very nice lady indeed, albeit old fashioned as well. Don't be deceived by her look. It will take moer than 10 miles before she will slow down.

I wish her a very good trip to Taiwan.


At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Su said...

I did have a good trip. Here is link to my Taiwan’s vacation.

The first group of photos is a temple (not Museum), 中台禪寺. It is a temple that run in a every modern style. Some of indoor shoot might looks strange; I have no tripod with me, and I have to find some support for the camera.

The middle groups of photos are from a amusement park that imitated European style.

The last group of photos is Chinese Culture University, looked like I was dizzy that day when I shooting the photos.

The very last one in me and my toy, Canon PowerShot, in a beauty salon...not a wheel chair, or electric chair.


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