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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Oh what a day! I finally had time to do some hiking today.

I am a proud member of
CMCNY(Chinese Mountain Club of New York, 紐約華人山川會). It is a club that organizes outdoor activities such as day hikes, weekend backpacking trips, and biking trips. So far my participations have been limited to day hikes as I do not own a bike and do not have all the camping equipments. I became a member in January 2005 and have done a total of 10 hikes this year (which was my goal when I joined).

My last hike was in mid-September and my foot has been itching badly. I was on vacation to Taiwan from 10/15-11/6 and caught a bad cold after I came back, thus missing much of the New York's fall foilage.

Today was extremely cold with temperature in 30s and windchill in
20s, but it was great fun. Despite the weather, a total of about 15 people came out today. We all had a goodtime. The sky was clear with few clouds. We blasted through 6 miles in no time. I was veyr impressed by what people brought for lunch - instant noodle, coffee, tea - all made with hot water kept in thermos. Can you imagine what a luxury it is being able to have warm food/beverage in such weather?
Perhaps it is time for me to buy a thermos.

Here are some pictures
from today.

It was so cold today that the earth was frozen and there were icing on it.

The lake by which we had our lunch.

The only picture that I am in!

Going home! I think I will sleep sound tonight!


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