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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I have been working for around 12 hours straight at work for the past two days. Plus I am not sleeping well Since Tami's gone. Quite exhausted now. Just taking it easy today after work.

Went to my favorite ramen place in NY. Then just relaxing at home sorting pictures from my Taiwan trip (from a month ago)!

Here is one of my favorite picture, taken when I was in 淡水.

There were a lot of good food on the 老街. One of the best the 台南小調擔仔麵. I had the 粿條 that I loved so much. Best of all, cost ~$2 US. Also there was the very excellent 黑橋牌 booth that was selling grilled 珍珠香腸 - oh, so tasty!


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