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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pictures from New Year's Eve Party.

I spent this past New Year's Eve at Nancy's. She is a good friend from CMCNY. I was supposed to go last year but ended up changing my mind. I am so glad I made it there this year. It was packed with food and other good friends from CMCNY.

I know it is almost February and people are asking me why it took so long to get the pictures up? Well, I pretty much tweaked every pictures slightly and it took a bit of time. I guess once you know what you can do to make a picture better you are going to try to fix it up.

I met Alan and his family for the first time. They have two boys and one girl - I am sure they keep Alan and his wife busy. All the kids were very cute and pudgy (if there is such a word).

Henry advising Charlie on his camera-buying options. Charlie did buy a camera that night. Guess how much he spent?

Henry's lovely wife, Sharon and their son, Nathan.

Alex, another photographer in CMCNY.

Francis posing with his birthday present.

Can anyone guess whose legs are these?

Anyway, here are the rest of pictures.


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