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Monday, August 28, 2006

Delaware Water Gap

We went hiking at Delaware Water Gap this past Saturday despite forecast of shower throughout the day. It turned out to be pretty nice for us.

It was quite a drive, about 70miles on Highway 80W from GW Bridge, but it was very worthwhile. The heavy rain from few days prior had stopped but left the place covered with heavy fog. It was mystic and made the scenary very picturesque.

Some people went there for rockclimbing, but I wanted to see the scenary as it was the first time I was there. We (Nancy, Mandy, Kelly, Grace) hiked for ~6miles. The terrain was smooth and trails were marked out nicely.

All inall, I was very happy.

Alex and Chung trying to find the best spot for setting up ropes for the rockclimbing course.

"這條路也行, 那條路也行, 另條也行...."

Hiking in fog. In the cursed forest.

For pictures from that day, plase see here.


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