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Sunday, January 07, 2007

One Week in LA Part II

There were plenty of sun and on the day we headed into Orange County, it hit mid 80s on the thermometer. Even the breeze was warm. One of the practice I was interviewing at set us with relocating service and a real estate agent to see some of the properties around LA. It was quite an interesting experience. I snapped this shot on the balcony of one of the high rise building I was seeing.
During our stay at OC, we met up with Tami's cousin, Mei and Peter. They were very nice and took Tami out when I was away for interviews. Their kid, Mathew and Elizabeth has grown quite a bit since I last saw them.

I met up with my friend, Dave, too. He has been out in LA for about 3 years now. He seems to enjoy it. We (Victor, Anita, Tami, Me, Dave) went to the LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks at Staples Center. I was really tired from the interview and was dozing off half way through the game. We finished the night off with some food from Monterey Park.

The entire set of pictures from my Califonia trip are up. Here they are.


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