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Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Blog of 2007

I guess I was kind of busy during the Christmas/New Year period and did not get a chance to write much on my blog. I hope everyone had great time with his/her family and received lots of gifts.

I had a great 2006. I did a total of ~25 hikes, bought a bike and more camera gear (2 new bodies and 1 new lens). I also picked up biking as a new hobby, although I still haven't gotten used to a sore hinnie yet.

Job is also going well. I finished my residency and started my pediatric anesthesia fellowship. So far there hasn't been too many mishaps (thanks to Dr. Sun and Dr. Kazim).

Finally, I turned 30. I guess it is a big deal for some.

The only thing that I had wished for is seeing my family who did not make it to NYC this year.
All in all, it was a good year.


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