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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

(Hiking on Jan 1st of Chinese New Year!)

After the feast of New Year's eve, we woke up to a brisk day of hiking. It was warm for late January. Unfortunately it started raining around lunch time - mostly just drizzle, so had to cut our day short.

I was glad that it was cut short since my leg started hurting around the same time. Probably from lack of warming up and trying too hard to keep up with Chung.

Secret red envelope from Nancy, only Su and Wendy would know what's inside.

As I was moving along, I could not help but overheard this conversation between these two lovely ladies. "不知道是沒有人要騙我們,還是我們太聰明沒被騙到?" (Is it that nobody want to take advantage of us or is it just that we were too smart to be taken advantage of?). You can guess what they were referring to, use your imagination.

For more photos from this trip, try here.



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