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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Watermelon Hike!

After two months offam finally back on trail. Luckily enough, I am on a hike led by Michael, who is famous for bringing along a watermelon onummer hike to share with people. Being that it was a hot, humid day, it was perfect.

"Start of Confusion"

The trail itself was confusing - quite different from what's on the map. It really took some brain power (not mine) to figure out where we were. There were also quite humid with still water along trail, as evident by mushrooms growing along the trail.

Despite all these, I had a good time. The watermelon at top made it all worthwhile. Kudo to Michael for being a great leader!

A mushroom that Su insisted on taking picture of.

Michael getting ready for "開瓜儀式." Everyone was eagerly anticipating.

Here's Li and Tang, two newcomers, haappily enjoying slices of watermelon. They don't realize how lucky they are - I have been with CMC for a year and half and never had fresh watermelon on trail before.

For complete set of pictures, see here!


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