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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feb 8th. - Day 3 - Visiting Relatives and Thai Town

This was a day spent experiencing LA's highway system. We drove from LA downtown to Orange County (O.C., as in the TV series) to meet up with Mei for lunch. We took 3 highways and spent nearly an hour going at 70 mph to get there.

Mei's daughter, ELizabeth has grown so much since I last saw her (when she was about a year old). She wasn't feeling well that day so I could not get much smile out of her but she is still adorable nevertheless. We also saw Peter, who is still as big as I have remembered.

We then drove back to Beverly Hills to see Uncle Randy who just had a liver transplant. He actully looks preety good for someone who had undergone such a big surgery within the past 6 months.

The last stop we made was at Rose' s place, which is just a few blocks away. She just had a babygirl not so long ago. Her son, Noah is also very different from what I remembered. He hs grown into a handsome little boy.

The day ended with Thai food in the Hollywood. The neighborhood was really run down for me but the food was simply amazing. The best Thai food I ever had, period!


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