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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feb 6th. - Day 1 of LA Trip.

We took a flight out of JFK to LAX. Before getting to JFK, we stopped by Flushing to get some 飯團, 蛋餅, and 豆漿 for breakfast, which we had at the airport.

Flying into LA, the first thing we noticed was how warm it was. It was 70s when we landed. We walked around downtown for a bit while waiting for Victor to get off work.

......We walked by the Disney concert Hall, which was spectacular in the setting sun.

Picture of Victor in his office.

We finished off the short day by eating at Garden Cafe at San Gabriel - a very worthy meal follwed by some Tapioca at Tea Station. We were very stuffed.

For more photos from this trip, try here.


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